Dying for Dialogue

To be honest, I would like to tell you about what happened this week, but I’m almost too ashamed and scared. Almost. I am an Afrikaans-speaking white woman and this week I wished that I could be something else. I did not want to be white, I did not want to...

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To Believe

Belief is a powerful force. In many instances, unstoppable. The eve before the 1995 World Cup Final, Morne du Plessis addressed the Bok squad with very few words. He said that he believed they would win the final – it was their destiny.

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Call him a dog and he WILL bite.

Recent comments made about ANC dissidents being “dogs” will come back to bite the ones who uttered them – and, be prepared, the barking will continue well into the night. Not because of who is involved or what they stand for, but purely because it...

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CEO’s The Leopards of the Corporate Jungle

In the midst of a lighthearted tea-break, my friend William shared a profound metaphor with me – he said man is more chimpanzee than leopard: humans are social animals, regulated and comforted by the...

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Leadership my **s

Malema, Chuene, the Mugabes, Sylvio Berlusconi, the CEO’s of the Big American Banks, a whole cluster of recent SAA CEO’s (we can fill the page here, but that would be a waste) – so-called “leaders” who give leadership a bad name...

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Performance Management is an Oxymoron in SA!

“I want a business where I have no employees and have no dealings with customers” said a client over coffee last week. Just I was about to erupt into laughter, I realised he was not joking.

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Remember the miracle.

Today I had the privilege to sit in a circle with ten leaders, listening to their stories. They shared what shaped them into the people they now are. These leaders arrived this morning thinking and feeling they were ordinary people living...

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The case for blindfolding leaders and firing consultants.

Blindfold your leaders and fire your consultants. I realise that is quite a statement coming from a consultant! Yet, if I have to be honest with my clients, they have every ounce of intelligence they need right there...

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The Dark Side.

Carl Jung, the groundbreaking psychologist who boosted our understanding of the human psyche wrote about a thing that all leaders should study with care. It should be mandatory for leaders to get to know this thing intimately....

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The Mindful Leader.

Warning: It is highly unlikely that you can read this whole article with full attention. As you read, your mind may fill with thoughts and judgments about what is written, what you want to eat tonight (or other trivialities) and, in the midst of it all, you might remember...

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The Politics of Parking.

I have long been fascinated by the habits and messages in organisations. One in particular intrigues me – parking. Parking is not a mere six square metre spot – it is a symbol of your place in the holy hierarchy. It is Par-KING for some!...

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The Power of Silence.

In these fast-paced, under-pressure times, we forget what silence is. Noise surrounds us and lives inside our minds – a constant churning of thoughts, feelings, literal noise and white noise. A few moments of silence can be like a cold sip of water...

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